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???You are not alone in the fight!

The Support Circle is a sub-committee of The Little Pink Gift Foundation. We are all breast cancer survivors who meet to share our experiences,  give comfort, ignite hope and promote a charity with love, care and laughter.

Meetings are held on the 3rd Saturday of every month (except in December) from 2:0pm – 4:0pm at St. Dominic’s Church Community Centre. At these meetings not only do we share our stories and experiences, we also have guest speakers, from whom we can gain knowledge to empower ourselves, in order to better fight Breast Cancer.

These meetings are open to anyone who has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer.






Our Bosom Pals Network

For those newly diagnosed or survivors who do not wish to partake in a group setting, the alternative support offered is through our “Bosom Pals Network”. We are survivors who offer assistance by lending a comforting ear over the phone. We have been there, done that, and hope to help you along your journey to a full recovery.

For further information about The Support Circle and Bosom Pals Network please contact Andrea MacKenzie at 428-8692 or on 230-2127. You may also email her at jamackenzie@caribsurf.com.


Support Hands